2014 Personal Exhibit

“Sara Cafarelli, aka SACAF, artist from Siena. The PS1 (MoMA Contemporary Art Center) owns one of her paintings since 2008. Art is integral part of her life: graphic and interior designer, museum guide, and above all painter. Her works of art are characterized by intense and vibrant colors, and by an intimate and introspective style.

The works presented in this group show possess a peculiar dichotomy; they express a disquieting quietness. Like in a mirror room, the semantic elements alternate and somehow reverse each other. The quest for the self becomes a self-reflective gesture. The interior gaze metaphor, conveyed by mirrors and water, is strong. The female subject is languidly serene, but its reflected image appears in a deformed perspective. Introspection multiplies the self in multitude and transforms the glossy surface in visionary and sometimes hallucinatory images.”

Review by Lucilla Trapazzo – Art critic from Aalst